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Since 2003, Wheres The Water has been providing interpreted river level information to kayakers, rafters, and canoeists.  Click on the image to find out where the best river conditions can be found for kayaking today!

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Finding White Water in Scotland

Finding Scottish WaterWhite-water Kayaking in Scotland can be awesome, but getting on the right river in the right water conditions has traditionally only been possible for those with a sixth-sense. is specifically designed to show kayakers, canoeists, and rafters when and where the river levels are right for them. The service provides an at a glance view of which rivers are at what level for kayaking. Water levels are shown on a scale of empty (grey icon) to huge (red icon) along with the actual gauge reading in metres. Clicking on a dot opens up a graph of the SEPA gauge readings showing the river level over the last few days.... Read More


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